For Academic Services & Technology Investments

Books Authoring

Writing, editing, formatting, and publishing paperback books and ebooks on bookstores and online retail worldwide outlets.

Infrastructure Planning

Installing, administering, and maintaining IT systems, such as websites, servers, networks, databases, security, surveillance, and VoIP on/off premises.

Technology Hacking

Designing and implementing controlling-on-purpose projects using different sets of microcontrollers, actuators, sensors, and PLCs as well as utilizing 3D printed prototypes.

Forex Trading

Configuring and managing trading servers and scripting through MQL4 (indicators, EAs, and strategies) for different Forex (Foreign-currency Exchanges) and Spot markets using candlestick philosophy.

Cryptocurrency Advising

Instructing and advising which cryptocurrencies have the right up or down movements in the markets, and giving the know-how for the best strategies of mining and trading based on Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stake, Proof-of-Storage, and Proof-of-Replication.

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