2020 Form JOB-100731
(Rev. 07-20 ver. 01)

Welcome to Sigma Lambda Technologies, LLC

Job Title: URI DB — Prescriptions Interpretation
Job ID: 100731  (CLOSED)
Posting Date: July 24, 2020


Job Description:
Currently, we are developing the URI DB (Universal Refugees and Immigrants Database) that is dedicated to the immigration organizations for their clients’ (immigrants, refugees, and asylees) filing and organizing purposes. This database will facilitate the overall workflow with the ease of searching and accessing for the case management, health and wellness, donations, employment, and legal departments in such organizations.

At the right moment, we are re-designing this database to support multilingual front-end web access. As well as it will be partially accessed and checked by the clients from different nationalities. One of the problems we are facing here is the translation of the medical, dental, and vision prescriptions that the clients will have in this database regarding the health and wellness department. So, in order to be more professional, we offer a temporary job position for applicants having a good background and experience in the pharmaceutical and prescriptions in the following languages: Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Dari, and Pashto. For that, applicants who able to speak, read, and write in these languages or from these native-language countries are welcome to apply for this job opportunity.

Note that, the URI DB is HIPAA compliance web-based database software.


Job Requirements:

  • Have an academic degree or a certified approval in Pharmacology and/or Toxicology fields.
  • Have a good background, experience, and practices in these fields, for 2+ years.
  • Able to translate the medical, dental, and vision prescriptions to/from these native languages (as mentioned above) and English.
  • Qualified immigrants, refugees, and asylees are more than welcome to apply.
  • If you were not a U.S. citizen or Green Card holder, applicants should have Work Permit ID and SSN (must be).


Application Submission:
Please email your cover letter, resume (or CV), and a scanned copy of your personal identification (Passport, State ID, Driver License, Green Card, and/or Work Permit) to the ‘‘ email address, and write the Job Title and the Job ID in the subject line.


The Interview Phase:

  • If you were accepted, we will notify you by email for when and where the interview will be.
  • The SSN will be requested and required on this phase due to the application requirements checking and for further payment and state taxation.
  • This temporary job position is an hourly-based, and we will negotiate the payment rate during the interview.
  • This temporary job position does not provide and cover any health insurance and any employment benefits.
  • Upon agreement, a contract will be signed by both parties (Employer and Applicant).

Note that, due to COVID-19 virus pandemic, the interview phase may have occurred using Google Meet or Zoom video conference!